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Hosting ServicesReliable and Scalable Hosting

Hosting is one of the most overlooked aspects of owning a website. When choosing a server to host your website, you need to find a provider who is known for consistent uptime, reliable security, and scalability options.

In this day and age, viral videos are becoming more common. Your server needs to be able to handle a large amount of traffic at once but still be affordable for day-to-day operations. Here are some of the different types of servers you can get for a WordPress website:

  1. Shared Server
  2. Cloud Server
  3. Dedicated Server
  4. VPN Server

Shared Server

Branding begins with your logo. Whenever your client even thinks about the service they need, your logo is the first image that should pop into their minds.

Cloud Server

There are many fonts available for logo design. The right font for your business can set the atmosphere of what your visitors can expect. 

Dedicated Server

Color theory is the concept that colors can evoke emotions from a person. The right colors can emphasize the mood you would like your business to express.

VPN Server

There are many types of concepts to visualize. Even if your logo requires geometrical properties, we have the tools to visualize any concepts. 


What To Expect

The Best WordPress Hosting Service

At Ezio Digital, our websites maintain a constant uptime and fast delivery. We do so by optimizing the following:

Maximized Uptime

All of our websites have alert notifications enabled. Any errors on the website are immediately made known to our team. Depending on the issue, we can either fix the issue then and there, or upload a working backup while we fix the error. In either scenario, your website will be up and running within minutes.

Free Daily Malware Scan

Our hosting services provide daily malware scans that protects our clients from experiencing any malicious activity. It’s easier to prevent security issues than to fix one. However, if your website has been hacked, it is not impossible to gain control back.

Secure Hosting

Our servers are equipped with the layers of security, two-factor authentication, and an immediate response team. 

Fast Page Loading Times

Fast website loading times are crucial for a website to outrank its competition. Our servers integrate with most CDN for the fastest content delivery worldwide. 

WordPress Based Hosting

Built for the purpose of hosting WordPress based websites, our servers are designed to deliver the best performance. 

Daily Backups

Never experience any downtime or loss of data. Website management comes with plenty of surprises and backups have been known to save lives!

WordPress Hosting Frequently ASked Questions

What is the best hosting service for my business?

The reason for many hosting options is because it depends on the size and intent of your business. To better understand your options we recommend a consultation to discuss how you expect your website to grow.

For a small business, shared hosting or cloud based service might make more sense. But shared hosting has a higher probability of being hacked or low performance due to other websites on the same server.

Larger businesses may face different problems altogether. If a large business has constant traffic and requires large amounts of data storage and filtering, they will need a server that can perform multiple tasks effectively. 

Is WordPress hosting expensive?

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management Systems) due to it’s low cost for maintenance. That also means that the service is not free. Choosing the right hosting provider also means finding a reliable provider who understands that a business needs reliable security and scalability.