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SEO ServicesWhat is Search Engine Optimization?

After launching a website, all of your efforts will be focused on marketing. In order to run a successful marketing campaign, there are two very important factors to consider:

  1. Ensure that your website is user friendly
  2. You will need other websites referring to your website

If you have an incredibly large bidget to play with, you can jump straight into Google Ads and adjust as you go. However, if you would like to run a strategic campaign, you will need to assess your website to ensure your users enjoy the content they see. If the average user enjoys reading two to three paragraphs, you will have much better results overall than a company dumping thousands into a campaign.

 Search Engine Optimization comes in two forms. On-site and Off-site SEO. On-site refers to ensuring your assets are working and user friendly. Off-site refers to getting other sources to talk about you. Such as social media accounts or PR articles from your local news station. 

Search Engines

SEO includes optimizations for other search engines other than Google. Although Google is the most commonly used, there is still an audience to capture on Yahoo, Bing, or other engines. 

Link Building

Search engines will give your website more authority if they see other websites referring to your website. If other companies are talking about you, your website must be reliable!

Keyword Research

Aside from consistency, keyword research is the top priority to focus on after a website or campaign launch. Keyword research will ensure your efforts and budgets are used with maximum effeciency.

Content Creation

After your website is optimized, you can proceed with producing optimized content. By remaining consistent with new content, search engines will reward you by checking on your website more often. 


How To Get Started

How Optimize For Search Engines

Optimizations begin by analyzing your current online pesence. You will need to ensure your website is user friendly and following ADA compliance for your viewers with disabilities or impairments. Your pages will also need to be labelled and identified so that search engines understand how to present your information whether your have products, reviews, or recipes. 

On top of knowing how well your website is doing, you will also need to be aware of any and all references to your business name. Part of optimizing for search engines is ensuring all of your business information is the same across all sources on the internet. This means that if you have changed your business address, phone number, or business name, you will need to make that change anywhere and everywhere you see it on the internet. 

Search Engine Optimization Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to optimize my website?

Optimization depends on the size of the website and sometimes age. Smaller and newer websites tend to be more easily updated than websites with 20+ pages. 

Sometimes, even if a business has a small website but has been around for a long time, they may have references or accounts across the internet. Part of off-site optmization is to synchronize all information. 

Ecommerce based websites tend to have longer optimization times due to everything involved regarding product descriptions, product reviews, capturing clients, and targetting campaigns.

Can I do search engine optimization myself?

Marketing teams can get very pricey depending on the agency you talk to. Although you are able to handle the tasks yourself, it is highly recommended speaking with an agency team before committing to anything. 

A typical marketing agency is composed of Web Designers, Web Developers, SEO Specialist, PPC Specialist, Content Creators, and sometimes Data Analyst.  Although anyone is capable of creating a Google Ads campaign, the team above has dedicated specialist that will create detailed content to produce an effective ad. 

In most cases, the price justifies the cost because you are paying for proven data driven results.