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Logo DesignWhat does a logo need?

A logo is the face and identity of a company. Although there is no right or wrong when it comes designing a logo, you can make it easier for your visitors to know what your business is about just by glancing at your logo. 

As your continue to do business, your organization gains reputation and slowly becomes a name that people recognize. For this reason, we believe that a logo design should have the following criteria:

01. A color palette to set the proper tone
02. A visual to show what you're about
03. A clean and modern look.


Branding begins with your logo. Whenever your client even thinks about the service they need, your logo is the first image that should pop into their minds.



There are many fonts available for logo design. The right font for your business can set the atmosphere of what your visitors can expect. 

Color Palette

Color theory is the concept that colors can evoke emotions from a person. The right colors can emphasize the mood you would like your business to express.

Visual Design

There are many types of concepts to visualize. Even if your logo requires geometrical properties, we have the tools to visualize any concepts. 


The Stages of Logo Design

What Does The Logo Design Process Look Like?

The logo design process can vary depending on the person or business your approach to handle the task. For the most part, logo design can be broken down to these steps:

  1. Concept Discussion
  2. Mockup (Rough sketches of the concepts)
  3. Client Approval/Revisions
  4. Concept Rendering
  5. Final Client Approval
  6. Logo Kit Delivered

Logo Design Frequently ASked Questions

How can I create the best logo for my business?

Logos are a visual representation of your business and there are many factors that can influence the overall outcome of a logo’s design. To put it simply, your logo should be clean and memorable. 

A memorable logo is key to establishing trust with your clients. If they are unable to explain possibly the most eye catching aspect of your business, it’ll be diffcult to move forward with any form of marketing. 

How often can I change my logo design?

If you are forced to make a change to your logo, it is perfectly fine to do so. However, it is advised to remain consistent and not make drastic changes unless your business has undergone a drastic change as well.

There are no penalties to redesigning your logo on any search engines. However, maintaining consistency in the internet space has many benefits.

The most important benefit logos have is most people trust businesses that have been around for years. People have a higher chance of remembering a logo image than the full name of a business in most cases. If your logo undergoes constant drastic changes, you may be missing out on possible long term clients. 

However, most companies evolve their logo over time with a fresher look. Taking a look at brands such as Coca Cola, Google, or Amazon, their logos have changed over the years. The changes were so minimal that most people didn’t notice. 

What is color theory in web design?


Big brands such as Mercedes or D & G are often used as examples of using color theory in their marketing to express the luxury in their brands.