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Web DesignHow Important Is Web Design?

The design of your website sets the atmosphere and expectations for your business. Through a combination of color pallettes and site structure, your visitors can feel the warmth or luxury of your brand. These characteristics can be the deciding that will distinguish yourself from your competition. Here are some of the benefits to focusing on your web design:

Brand recognition and familiarity based on website colors
Websites with an emphasis on User Experience have higher conversion rates
Websites that incorporate new designs feel up-to-date and trustworthy


Following branding guidelines is great for website. Whether you are creating a new design or modifying a website, branding helps your website remain consistent throughout all online platforms. 



At Ezio Digital, we believe every detail matters. We begin by choosing the font and font size to use throughout the website. We ensure that your website is readable on all screen sizes with proper contrasting colors. 

Color Palette

Part of branding includes choosing the colors for your company. Certain colors can be used to emphasize points and services so it is important to have a good range of colors available. 

UX/UI Design

To bring everything together, our team of designers focus on user interactions. By testing the website ourselves, we can see where call-to-actions can better fit to increase conversions. 


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What Does The Web Design Process Look Like?

Our web design process begins by assessing your company, your company’s goals, your competitors, and other variables depending on your business model. After collecting the information we need, we begin by undergoing the following steps:

  1. Map out all of the pages and their hierarchy structure
  2. Include the information that will be added in each page
  3. Create layouts and templates that can be used as global sections vs unique features
  4. Create wireframes of the pages
  5. Request customer approval
  6. Create mockups of each page
  7. Begin development

Web Design Frequently ASked Questions

How often can I change my website's design?

As long as your website adheres to general design guidelines such as ADA Compliance and Google Search Console’s guidelines, you can make as many design changes as needed. 

The purpose of following these guidelines, is to make your website accessible to everyone by providing the easy to read font-sizes and color contrasts. Following these guidelines will also improve your User’s Experience. By creating a pleasant and easy to navigate website, you will notice user return rates and session time increase.

How can I create the best web design for my business?

At Ezio Digital, we help by examining your competitors and the market space as a whole. We then create a design that will keep your business trending in any competitive market. Every industry has a unique pathway to success depending on where your audience is. 

Another method we use to create a web design is to look at the origins of the business. Your business is a part of you and the community. Creating a design the takes pride in it’s city of origin or community tends to win the trust of the people.