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CMSWhat is a CMS?

A Content Management System is a software that allows you to manage your online content. It is a platform that you can customize and create posts and pages to update your viewers. 

This type of system enables content creators to create product/service pages online to advertise giving anyone even more control over their business. There are different types of CMS that you may hear about such as the following:



CMS are out-of-the-box made for bloggers. If your website is meant to simply inform and communicate with your audience, then you’ll just need to install and begin.


E-Commerce websites have a ton of content to manage. Product pages, categories, collections, email templates, etc. CMS make it easy to keep track of it all!

General Services

General Service contractors need a ton of pages to describe their services. A CMS will help manage your clients, request feedback, and project gallery collections. 

Lead Generation

A CMS will help with any form of online lead generation. Even if you are building a network of single landing pages, utlizing a CMS will help manage everything. 


Which CMS To Use

WordPress CMS For Any Small to Medium Sized Business

WordPress is highly revered as a low cost solution for many entrepreneurs. The CMS itself is open source and available to anyone. However, once installed, you will find that WordPress is highly customizable and can look completely different another WordPress website in a different industry. There are many plugins available making it difficult for a new user to know which plugins to trust to get the job done. 

At Ezio Digital, we will work with you to provide the best solutions to maximize the effeciency of your operations. The right plugins might even be able to lower some of the manual burdens your business had to do such us client sign-ups or bookings. 

CMS Frequently ASked Questions

Is the WordPress CMS expensive?

WordPress is a low cost solution for most small businesses. If you have a budget to work with but can’t afford a complete custom solution, finding a WordPress developer can make your vision a reality with tools that already exist. 

How does WordPress store my data?

WordPress has many ways of storing and displaying data. As a CMS, it is ready to store data in a MySQL database. However, depending on your hosting provider, you may sometimes be given options such as MariaDB or other SQL based databases.

To store data other than posts or pages, you will need to install a plugin such as WooCommerce if you would like to store product and customer information.

You also have the option of creating your own plugin and storing specific information needed for your business.