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The first step in improving your website presence is to ensure your foundation is laid correctly. Most major search engines prioritize user experience above all other requirements. Your website needs to be formatted properly for users and search engines to find your products and services.

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Benefits to a Site Audit

Understand How Users View Your Website

Many of the structure requirements set by search engines are for the benefit of your visitors. In a world where information is constantly evolving, users want their needs to be met immediately. This means your website needs to display information as clearly as possible while answering as many of your clients questions as possible.

Help to properly format data such as Phone Numbers, Addresses, and Service Areas
Structure your services and blog articles to have clear titles and subheadings
A site audit provides backlinks and social media referral ideas
Find speed bottlenecks that may not allow your website to load as quickly as it should
See which of your keywords are bringing the most traffic and which ones can be added